About SiMCentral is a collaborative initiative of Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, West Texas A&M University, and Amarillo College. The Center uses high fidelity human patient simulators to provide multi-disciplinary training opportunities to medical, nursing and allied health students/residents, as well as continuing education opportunities to the Texas Panhandle region. Simulation training will provide opportunities to develop and enhance clinical and diagnostic skills through frequent participation in controlled clinical scenarios.

Mission The mission of SiMCentral is to provide multi-disciplinary education opportunities to improve patient safety and clinical outcomes by integrating clinical simulation and evidence based training methodologies.

Goals The goals of SiMCentral are to: Enhance and promote patient safety and quality health care by advocating use of simulation in clinical education of health care professionals. Facilitate multi-disciplinary educational opportunities through innovative educational tools. Build confidence and enhance individual and team performance through clinical simulation and evidence-based training. Maintain continuing competence of health care providers by using clinical simulation for continuing education opportunities.